Learn to Give as God Gives

God gives unceasingly! His Love touches everything, without exception. When we align ourselves with this giving attitude, problems dissolve, the perception of lack fades away, and we feel full and abundant. In this 3-day ACIM retreat experience with mystic David Hoffmeister, you'll receive clarity on many deep teachings from Jesus in "A Course in Miracles," as well as a a profound movie commentary session and some heartfelt music. Join us in opening to the Heart of God and letting His Love shine through us forever!!!

What is included?

  • Teaching Sessions

    Listen to the teachings of Jesus and parables of awakening, shared by contemporary mystic David Hoffmeister and his dedicated students.

  • Q & A

    Participants from around the world will ask heartfelt questions and receive practical answers, which can help you apply these deep teachings in your life.

  • Movie Session

    Open to a whole new way of seeing the world— through the Vision of Christ—by watching a movie with the Holy Spirit's commentary.

  • Heartfelt Music

    Feel your heart open to the awareness of God's Love as you are serenaded by live music, shared by members of the Living Miracles community.

  • Streaming Videos

    Enjoy the convenience of streaming these videos to your desktop or mobile device, so you can watch them anytime, wherever you have internet.

  • Return Access

    With return access to this 3-day ACIM retreat, you'll have the option to enjoy this it at your own pace, time and time again.

Retreat Package Content

    1. 📆 Retreat Schedule/Overview

    2. 🙏 What is Your Prayer or Intention for This Retreat?

    3. 💞 Tribe of Christ Online Community Invitation

    4. 📱Access This Retreat via the Thinkific App

    1. ☀️ Morning Session with Lisa and Frances

    2. 🌙 Evening Session with David, Lisa and Frances

    1. 🎬 Movie Gathering with David

    2. 🎬 Movie Q&A with David

    1. 💖 Closing Session with David and Frances

    1. 💞 Please Share Any Feedback with Us about the Retreat

    2. 📱Download Our LCM Mobile App

    3. 😊 Thank You for Taking This Retreat!

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 13.5 hours of video content
  • With English Subtitles

A Glimpse into Our Retreats!


David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister is a modern-day Christian mystic and a living demonstration that consistent peace is possible when we rest in Christ. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. David is world-renowned for his practical application of the teachings of Jesus, and his clarity about the function of forgiveness is unsurpassed. The purity of the message he shares points directly to the Love of God.

Frances Xu

Frances has followed a deep calling, leaving behind worldly temptations to live a life of divine providence. She is committed to letting go of the “I know” mind and releasing the illusion of personal will and preferences. Her firm yet gentle presence supports the mind to open and to allow deeply buried blocks to come into awareness. She offers practical steps that lead to lasting peace and true freedom of mind. The message of truth pours through her, offering clarity and insight into the mind’s inner workings.

Lisa Fair

Lisa Fair will be facilitating a session within this 3-day retreat. She has given her life to being guided by Jesus and the Holy Spirit and has been connected to the Living Miracles Community for many years. She brings a unique depth and wisdom that help bring the principles of "A Course in Miracles" to life!

We'll Be With You Wherever You Are

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How our course looks on various devices


  • Is this retreat live or pre-recorded?

    This 3-day retreat package is pre-recorded. The presence and liveliness that comes through David and the other teachers—along with the intimate style of interacting with retreat participants—makes it feel very much like a live experience!

  • How much time will this retreat require?

    We suggest clearing your schedule for a full 3-day period so that you can fully immerse in the retreat, just like you would if it were live. However, you will have return access to this retreat, so you can watch it at your own pace and review it whenever you like.

  • Can I do this retreat on my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, we have an app that you an use to watch the retreat videos! Information about how to download the app and use it will be provided in the welcome chapter once you have enrolled.

  • Is there a way to join with others and talk about the content of the retreat?

    Yes, through our online community, "Tribe of Christ!" Our community members are dedicated to helping one another to go deeper on this pathway of Awakening, and it is a safe space for you to share your experiences, challenges, and questions. More information about the community and how to join will be provided in the welcome chapter of this retreat.

Testimonials from Past Participants

“I really enjoyed this retreat and found it very helpful because it clarified some of the theory of ACIM but mostly because it demonstrated the practical application of the theory through the stories of various teachers and mighty companions.”


“Since starting the retreat with Jesus, I have begun to go deeper in understanding and experience Jesus closer, and to understand his message that the 'Kingdom of Heaven is within me.' David has opened my heart and my mind, total thanks and I love you David, everything you share goes straight to my heart.”


“This 'Experiencing the Heart of God' retreat is a whirlwind filled with beautiful reminders of who I truly am and who Jesus is asking me to be! It most definitely deepened my sense of devotion and allowed me to see where I am still experiencing worldly distractions so that I can forgive them and even more deeply sink in.”


Embrace the Light Within

Join us for the transformative retreat, and immerse yourself in the boundless Love that flows through the attitude of true giving. Embrace the light within, release fear, and embark on a journey towards Self-realization inside the beloved Heart of God!