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Testimonials from Our Past Programs

“I had zero expectations for anything other than the usual wonderful. Wow, was I surprised! I don't know "what" happened but it was an experience! There was and has remained such a deeper feeling of connection, clarity, "melting into", and rest.”


“These online retreats are so helpful. The joining, being in the field of awakening, is so strong and really fun. I never thought an online retreat could match what I’ve experienced from traveling the world for years, but it really does. Keep them coming!”


“I have felt so much inspiration and confirmation from these online experiences; they have engendered a deeper trust in my life's unfolding, a greater willingness to look at and release wrong minded thoughts and to open to Spirit's guidance.”


“I am flooded with gratitude and love, and peace, and joy. We just finished the retreat and I cannot move from my chair yet. I feel to express the deep connection I experienced with this.”


“This retreat was a beautiful and powerful healing experience from which I'm resting in God and trusting His Strength. It also had powerful after effects: it enabled me to expose hidden beliefs, and then release these obstacles to experience love and peace.”