Surrender to Divine Guidance

Clearing the altar of your heart through authentic communication makes way for the gentle guidance of the Spirit. Following this guidance leads to miracles! Deepen in trust and confidence through this 2-day workshop experience filled with insightful wisdom from ACIM teacher Frances Xu. Feel your inner strength nurtured as you let Jesus guide you toward a deeper connection with divine love.

What Is Included?

  • Teaching Sessions

    Immerse yourself in the deep teachings of Jesus and inspiring parables of awakening, shared by reknown ACIM teacher Frances Xu.

  • Q & A

    Learn how to apply these teachings to your daily life as you listen to workshop participants ask sincere questions and receive profound and practical answers.

  • Streaming Videos

    Access these streaming videos on your computer or mobile device from any location with internet connectivity.

  • Return Access

    Set the pace for your learning with return access to your 2-day workshop package that lets you revisit it as often as you'd like.

Workshop Package Content

    1. 📆 Workshop Schedule/Overview

    2. 🙏 What is Your Prayer or Intention for This Workshop?

    3. 💞 Tribe of Christ Online Community Invitation

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    1. 🤗 Part 1: Opening Session with Frances

    2. 💞 Part 2: Q&A Session with Frances

    1. ☀️ Part 1: Morning Session with Frances

    2. 🕊 Part 2: Closing Session with Frances

    1. 💞 Share Your Experience With Us

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    3. ✨ Thank You for Taking This Workshop!

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 6.5 hours of video content
  • English with Japanese translation (no subtitles)

A Glimpse Into This Workshop!


Frances Xu

Frances followed a deep calling, leaving behind worldly temptations to live a life of divine providence. Committed to letting go of the “I know” mind, her firm yet gentle presence supports the mind to open and to allow deeply buried blocks to come into awareness. She offers practical steps that lead to lasting peace and true freedom of mind. The message of truth pours through her, offering clarity and insight into the mind’s inner workings.

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Testimonials from Past Participants

“I participated in Frances's workshop and received a profound message about the purpose of studying 'A Course in Miracles.' She reminded us that true joy and being with friends can transport us into the Kingdom of Heaven. Being with Frances and my brothers and sisters at the workshop, I was able to clearly feel the shower of clarity and lightness. The conference room, where we gathered, seemed to glow. I am thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit.”


“The workbook lesson on the second day of the workshop was Lesson 169 'By Grace I live. By grace I am released.' We were indeed with the Grace of God in those two days. I am so grateful for her strong faith and confidence in the Holy Spirit. My heart was opened by the Christ vision through her. The words, 'By following the guidance, you will be happy now' still resonate with me. I highly recommend this workshop to many friends!!”


“Frances's gentleness and the Christ’s gaze from everyone who gathered at the workshop gently and warmly embraced all the emotions that arose, including doubts, fears, alienation, contempt, and anger. I remember the feeling that everything was forgiven and surrounded by love. I am so grateful to have been given this path by the Holy Spirit.”


“This retreat taught me directly beyond words. How grateful I am. It gave me a whole new direction on embracing love that I never had before. It was an area I never would have seen on my own. How greatly this has helped me beyond my unworthiness. Thank you so much.”


Make Way for Miracles!

Surrender to the Holy Spirit’s plan of removing the obstacles that block Love's presence and open yourself to the life-changing power of miracles. Experience what it truly means to live in divine grace and trust. Walk through the gateway today!


  • Is this workshop live?

    No, this 2-day workshop package was originally recorded during a live online workshop in Tokyo, Japan called “Miracles and Guidance” with Frances Xu. However, the presence and liveliness that come through Frances—along with the intimate style of interacting with workshop participants—makes it feel very much like a live experience!

  • How much time will this workshop require?

    We suggest clearing your schedule for a full 2-day period so that you can fully immerse in the workshop, just like you would if it were live. However, you will have return access to this workshop, so you can watch it at your own pace and review it whenever you like.

  • Can I do this workshop on my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, we have an app that you can use to watch the workshop videos! Information about how to download the app and use it will be provided in the welcome chapter once you have enrolled.

  • Is there a way to join with others and talk about the content of the workshop?

    Yes, through our online community, "Tribe of Christ!" Our community members are dedicated to helping one another to go deeper on this pathway of Awakening, and it is a safe space for you to share your experiences, challenges, and questions. More information about the community and how to join will be provided in the welcome chapter of this workshop.