Transform Your Life with Forgiveness

This 1-week course will help you go deeper into the very practical teachings of Jesus as demonstrated by world-renowned Christian mystic David Hoffmeister. Each day includes about 30-40 minutes of inspiring movie clips, guided meditations, journal exercises, and more. This course also includes exclusive pre-recorded video content from David and his students. Dive in and experience the joy of LIVING in the purpose of forgiveness!
David Hoffmeister

What will be Covered in this Course

  1. Welcome—Opening Session with David!

  2. Day 1: Intro to the Mystical Teachings of Jesus

  3. Day 2: Signs & Symbols

  4. BONUS Session with Frances Xu - How to Apply These Teachings of Jesus ✨

  5. Day 3: True Worth

  6. Day 4: Q&A Session with David Hoffmeister

Course Information

  • $97.00
  • 10 hours of video content
  • Insightful journaling exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Powerful movie/episode clips

Learn & Practice the Mystical Teachings of Jesus

  • The Kingdom of God Within

    By focusing on God’s presence within you, you’ll feel His love pouring through you, lighting up your entire life.

  • Take No Thought for Tomorrow

    Release your fear of future consequences and refocus your mind on receiving present guidance from the Spirit.

  • Forgive and Be Forgiven

    Forgiveness of others allows us to accept forgiveness for ourselves. It cleanses our perception and purifies our mind.

Step Into the Light

Learn how the teachings of Jesus can be applied to your life, and build trust in putting them into practice.

Women leaving a cave


“Hallelujah! This course was amazing! I kept thinking of the verse, 'Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, all else will follow.' I feel joy, love, a sense of, 'Every little thing, is gonna be alright.' So grateful! Thank you for helping me!”


“During this course my healing cycle of irritation, triggering, noticing, praying and resolution just moved faster. And I loved that it brought a sense of being part of you all as a community. That's so amazing in view of the resistance I had before - thank you!”


“I've learned that God's Will and mine are identical. I feel my willingness has expanded to look at any beliefs, concepts, preferences, thoughts, judgments that I am holding onto that are thrown up for reinterpretation by Spirit.”


“After finishing the course I have been experiencing profound changes in my thought patterns and my relationship with Jesus definitely has turned more personal, closer and consistent. ”


“The very meaning of what Jesus is like has changed. The very thing that I feel in my heart about how gentle Jesus is, how sweet, how truly caring for us, has changed. And it changed naturally and gently. Jesus was gentler than I had ever known him to be.”


“I came to this course mainly out of open curiosity, a deep love for Jesus and my love for your community and David. So I took it as a gift. But I now see, there was another gift inside it... I was being guided this whole time, and I am now ready for the Mystical Christ Academy.”


“This course for me felt very intimate and gentle and it has deepened my relationship with Jesus. My heart feels more open and more willing to trust that he will take care of me and provide all that I need. I enjoyed the variety of clips, the powerful meditations, and the deep journaling exercises.”


“This course has truly been an answer to my heart longing to go still deeper with Jesus. I experienced a profound healing when I sat with some old feelings and let the Holy Spirit reveal their root - and remove it. Thank you! I hope to continue with you as more courses are offered. ”


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  • How much time will this course require?

    Lessons typically last 30 to 40 minutes per day.

  • Is this course live or pre-recorded?

    This course is pre-recorded.

  • Is there a mobile app for this online course?

    Yes, it is the "Thinkific" app made by the company which hosts our course. Information about how to download it and use it will be provided in the welcome chapter once you enroll.