New Mystical Christ Academy
April 5-May 31, 2024

8 Transformative Weeks: $897 USD

A Glimpse Into the MCA!

Awaken Your Inner Christ

Start your Mystical Christ Academy and explore Jesus' teachings to connect with joy, peace, and presence. With powerful sessions with David Hoffmeister and his long-term students, you'll dive deep into your own being, learn powerful techniques, and apply them to your life. This online course will take you beyond theory and into EXPERIENCE!
David Hoffmeister

Learn & Practice the Mystical Teachings of Jesus

  • Hear the Voice Within

    Experience the sweetness of going within, practicing stillness, and listening to the still, small Voice within.

  • Release Intense Emotions

    Learn powerful forgiveness techniques to release emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, and fear.

  • Remember Your True Self

    Awaken and strengthen your desire to remember the truth of your Divine being.

  • Remove the Blocks to Love

    Learn about the ego and how to overcome the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence.

  • Strengthen Your Intuition

    Enliven your connection to intuition and Inner Guidance from Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  • Open to I AM Presence

    Take practical steps in your life to unwind from old roles and open to the I AM Presence.

Let Your Light Shine Through

Embrace the Joy of This Moment!

The Academy Includes:

  • Profound sessions with David and his long-term students offered live just for this Academy—exclusive content not offered anywhere else! 🙋🏼

  • Experiential exercises including guided meditations, journaling exercises, and more! 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • Live music with Living Miracles musicians 🎶

  • Opportunities to collaborate with us in our "Collaborations in Christ" program, allowing you to gain practical experience using Spirit-given projects for your Awakening. 🤝

  • Access to our "Academy Community," where you can watch live events, find helpful support tools, and engage with fellow Academy members. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Plus Receive Two Additional Bonuses

  • Bonus #1

    Free Movie Commentaries

    Movies are an integral part of our Awakening journey and therefore also of this Academy. You will find many movie clips and also full movie commentaries interwoven inside this 8-week course to support the healing and make it very relevant for you. Inspired movie commentaries by David and his long-term students will help you unveil unconscious beliefs and thoughts, and open up to the gentle healing perspective that the Spirit offers.

  • Bonus #2

    Discount on "Jesus: A Gospel of Love" eBook

    Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke profound words to lead us out of the darkness and into the Light and Love of His Grace. This book contains his mystical teachings along with clarification on those teachings from modern-day mystic David Hoffmeister.

Connect in the Academy Community with fellow students

You will receive exclusive access to our private Academy Community. This vibrant space is where you can connect with fellow "MCA" students in meaningful dialogue, share profound experiences, and find unwavering support throughout your transformative journey in the Academy and beyond!

We're With You Wherever You Are

Our new online courses platform allows for easy access on any device, at home or on the go

Student Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The time, quality, care, and love that was poured in to every lesson and every session was evident. As one who works full-time, I really appreciated the replays of the live sessions. I also enjoyed the interaction and truly felt included and joined with everyone in the Academy. So, from my perspective, I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, I would say, “you nailed it!”👍🏼😄”


“I found the Academy mighty helpful. The experience was one of the best I have had, perhaps in my lifetime. There was so much love present from the teachers and speakers and all of us students. Love was in the air on every zoom I joined. I found I wanted to join each one, and was enthusiastic to do so.”


“The MCA rocks! It was so helpful for mind training, forgiveness opportunities and breaking out of limited thinking! This all-inclusive package of guidance, insights, office hours, meditations, movie parables...all are so abundantly's priceless! And worthy of reviewing again! So grateful for the indefinite online resources!”


“I can't say enough about how life transforming these 8 weeks have been and how they have laid the foundation for experiencing a deeper closeness to the Holy Spirit, a greater sense of connection with everyone and everything, a new and profound sense of happiness and trust, and a stronger desire to approach life with a loving devotion. ”


“I absolutely loved the experience and am immensely grateful to everyone involved for their willingness to pray, listen, and follow resulting in the Mystical Christ Academy. I am grateful for the practical nature and rich variety of the materials that were shared, as well as the presenters who offered their insights. It felt like experiencing ‘The 8 Weeks of Christmas: “On the first day of Christmas, my True Love brought to me…” All the way through to day 56… (and beyond!)”


Join the Journey to Inner Peace and Love!

Join Mystical Christ Academy and open your heart to a deeper awareness of your true Self. Experience the love, peace, and presence of Christ within.

Discover Your Life's Purpose

Join the Mystical Christ Academy and unleash your inner joy! By enrolling, you will open your heart to a deeper understanding of who you truly are and discover your purpose in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will the Academy require?

    We estimate that the lessons will take about 30 minutes per day and the spontaneous live sessions (offered throughout the week) about 1-2 hrs per session. You can spend more or less time depending on your schedule and availability in the moment. Replays of the live sessions will be made available so you don't have to miss a thing!

  • Is this Academy live or pre-recorded?

    Live! Many elements of this 8-week Academy are pre-set within the course itself. These include teachings, media clips, music, and more. We're also delighted to be able to offer MANY live and spontaneous sessions with David and his long-term students!

  • Will I be able to connect with other students in this online Academy?

    Yes, as part of this course, you will gain access to our "Academy Community," which is an online space just for Mystical Christ Academy students. We consider the connections you forge with others on this path to be one of the most valuable things you can do to accelerate your spiritual growth. Our Academy community is therefore a very safe and welcoming environment where you can interact and share your heart with other students, who are going through this same course.

  • Is there a mobile app for this online Academy?

    Yes, we will give you all the details about to download it in the "Welcome" chapter of this Academy once you enroll.

  • I am a 2023 MCA Alumni, do I sign up the regular way?

    Great! 🎓 This year's Mystical Christ Academy will be a brand new experience for you! As a token of our gratitude to all 2023 MCA Alumni, we have a special Alumni discount available for enrollment into our 2024 Mystical Christ Academy. Please contact us before enrolling if you would like more information.