Awaken Your Inner Christ in 8 Weeks!

Join the Mystical Christ Academy and explore Jesus' teachings to connect with joy, peace, and presence. Led by David Hoffmeister and his students, you'll dive deep into your own being, learn powerful techniques, and apply them to your life. Celebrate life, growth, and infinite possibilities with a community of like-minded individuals. Transform your life forever!
David Hoffmeister

Learn & Practice the Mystical Teachings of Jesus

  • Hear the Voice Within

    Experience the sweetness of going within, practicing stillness, and listening to the still, small Voice within

  • Release Intense Emotions

    Learn powerful forgiveness techniques to release emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, and fear

  • Remember Your True Self

    Stimulate, awaken, and strengthen your desire to remember the truth of your being

  • Remove the Blocks to Love

    Learn about the ego and how to overcome the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence

  • Strengthen Your Intuition

    Enliven your connection to intuition and Inner Guidance from Jesus and the Holy Spirit

  • Open to I AM Presence

    Take practical steps in your life to unwind from old roles and open to the I AM Presence

Let Your Light Shine Through

Embrace the Joy of This Moment!

The Academy Includes:

  • Interactive LIVE Q&A sessions with David and his long-term students. The Academy will also include guided meditations, movies and movie clips, and exclusive video content not shown anywhere else! 🎬

  • Two of our monthly "The Heart of Christ" online retreats will be the integrated in with the Academy—the one on April 7–9, and on May 5–7. You will be automatically enrolled in these two online retreats when you sign up for the Academy. A $300 value! 🙌

  • Access to the "Mystical Christ Community," a private online community exclusively for students of the Academy where you can connect with your fellow students—one of the most helpful aspects of the program! 💞

Plus Receive Two Additional Bonuses

  • Bonus #1

    "Trust" Guided Meditation MP3

    Come on a journey into an inner sanctuary where the peace of God is found. This guided meditation will take you inward to a place of stillness and peace. When the mind is quiet, the Voice for God can be heard. (Narrated by David Hoffmeister and Kirsten Buxton)

  • Bonus #2

    Jesus: A Gospel of Love eBook

    Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke profound words to lead us out of the darkness and into the Light and Love of His Grace. This book contains his mystical teachings along with clarification on those teachings from modern-day mystic David Hoffmeister.

Join the Journey to Inner Peace and Love!

Join Mystical Christ Academy and open your heart to a deeper awareness of your true Self. Experience the love, peace, and presence of Christ within, and connect with a supportive community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will the Academy require?

    The Academy is designed to be flexible and self-paced. Each week, you’ll have access to new lessons and content that you can work through at your own speed. We estimate that it will take about 3-4 hours per week to complete the core material, but you can spend more or less time depending on your schedule and learning goals. In addition, there will be optional live sessions and discussion forums where you can connect with other learners and deepen your understanding of the material. These sessions will be recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.

  • Is this Academy live or pre-recorded?

    Both! This 8-week Academy will feature exclusive pre-recorded video content as well as live sessions. Included in the Academy are two full weekend online retreats with David Hoffmeister, as well as spontaneous live sessions throughout the Academy with David and/or his long-term students.

  • If I have to miss a live session, will I be able to watch the recording?

    Yes, all the live sessions will be recorded, and will be available for replay soon after they finish!

  • What time will the live sessions be at and what if it's at a difficult time for me based on my time zone?

    Live sessions will be at different times, some in the morning and some in the afternoon/evening (Mountain Daylight Time). If it’s a difficult time for you based on your time zone, replays will be available.

  • Will I be able to connect with other students in this online Academy?

    Yes! We consider the connections you forge with your fellow students to be one of the most valuable aspects of this Academy. As a student, you'll have exclusive access to a private online community, starting one week prior to the start of the Academy and ending one week after. This community is a welcoming environment where you can interact with other students, engage in course-related discussions, ask questions and share your insights. The relationships you establish with your peers can endure well beyond the course and can profoundly enhance your spiritual growth.

  • Is there a mobile app for this online Academy?

    No, but it's not necessary. Our course player is fully mobile responsive, so you can take the Academy on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Student Testimonials

“I just want to express my deep gratitude for this program. I feel my heart opening wide and I do feel that the light has come. I am the light. I am so inspired by everyone who shared, and more devoted to putting God first than ever!”


“I am highly inspired to continue moving on the path towards the Love of God in my mind and my heart. This has been my deep desire, that I remember who really I am, and I am so happy Jesus has directed me to David and the community.”

Maria S.

“Wow! What a wonderful and beneficial experience this program was for me. Thank you so much David and Frances and you can bet you'll see me again! Also, thanks to all the back up people who were involved in putting this program on. Divine love to you all!”


“This online program was all for me!! I get so many answers, I had the same issues with my mother as Frances told about! And I learned to listen to her! Now I know for sure it’s all about healing the Mind! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“This was my first online retreat with you and I found it beautiful and helpful - especially the sharing of parables and whatever seemed to be coming up for various 'selves' who appeared to express on my behalf. So grateful for all your willingness.”


We're With You Wherever You Are

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Connect with Your Purpose at the Academy!

Join the Mystical Christ Academy and unleash your inner joy! By enrolling, you'll open your heart to a deeper understanding of who you truly are and your purpose in life. Experience the transformative teachings of Jesus and connect with a supportive community. Starting on April 5, embrace this opportunity to celebrate life and discover the joy that comes with connecting with the Christ within.