Introducing Our Community

There is such value in joining with others who share your passion for awakening!

Tribe of Christ is an online community dedicated to helping one another going deeper into the pathway of Christian mysticism. Share your experiences, challenges and questions in everyday life, or come for some quiet time and meditation; it is a powerful experience when we join together!

NEW! Now in Tribe of Christ

Movie Workshops with David Hoffmeister

Do you want to join a spiritual community that supports your Awakening journey? Do you love watching movies that inspire you to transcend your ego and connect with your true Self? If so, you are invited to join the Tribe of Christ online community and participate in our movie workshops with David Hoffmeister, taking place every other week on Saturdays! 🎬

What You Will Receive When You Enroll

  • Meaningful Dialogue

    Share your challenges, miracles, and questions in a safe community space.

  • Online Meet-Ups

    Join online meet-ups with fellow community members and focus on topics that you relate to.

  • The Heart of Mysticism

    Dive into the heart of Jesus' teachings in the different community spaces where we focus on a living experience.

  • Life-Long Insights

    Discover your true purpose in life and connect with your innermost self. Living in purpose brings up the deepest joy!

  • The Gift of Giving

    Hold the space for others and practice Presence. Discover that YOU are the one true gift that can be given and received!

  • Notifications

    Stay easily up-to-date on community posts and events via email and web notifications.

A Word From David Hoffmeister

Dear Beloved,

I feel so blessed to be on this journey with all of you. Our gratitude goes out to all of you for joining with us, and for letting the Spirit show us the way.

Community can be used as a means to empty the mind of all thoughts of the past and the future, all thoughts of judgments, and to come into a beautiful, clear, and pristine state of mind. This we might call communion with God, living in a state of Presence.

Our Tribe of Christ community is a very safe, serene place where you can share your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. 

It’s a sacred experience for me; feeling connected with my brothers and sisters, welcoming them every day, greeting them with happiness, and welcoming them into the heart of peace.

All anyone wants is to feel that inner peace, joy, love and contentment, and this is a way of extending an invitation to that.


Access Profound Teachings & Powerful Tools

This community is a space to deepen into your Divine calling for happiness!

Come meditate, pray, and connect. Find inspirational miracle stories, practical tools, and inquiry questions that inspire your inner journey.

Community Members Share

“Being part of this beautiful Tribe community has been an expansive and heart-opening experience. The love and support I have received is beyond words. Having the opportunity to connect with others from around the globe through posts, online Zoom meet-ups, and spiritual retreats has been extremely beneficial in the healing process. I am so grateful to be able to join with those who have a deep desire to follow Jesus and to completely immerse themselves into the Heart of God.”

Betsy, Florida

“This community is such a deep and reverent place where we can come together in a presence that is beyond this world. I am so happy I get to extend my joy here every day, and to meet like-minded who are on this sacred journey with me!”

Lucy, United Kingdom

“Tribe has been such a blessing for me. I can't even describe it in words. The true connecting that I feel with everyone extends out to the whole universe. The shared purpose connects us on a very deep level and I am grateful that this community gives me an opportunity to extend and connect with my brothers and sisters around the world.”

Manuel, Arizona


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  • Can I access the community on my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, we have an app that you can use to access Tribe. Information about how to download the app and use it is provided in inside Tribe of Christ once you enroll. Just go inside, then to the FAQ space, then look for the one called "FAQ: Is the community available through iOS or Android app?" and you'll find the info you need!

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